Nowadays, a lot of people are getting interested and are buying Fitbit. If you are one of them but are still hesitant to buy one, then, this Fitbit review will help you decide whether you should buy this gadget or not. In this Fitbit review, you will know what are the pros and cons of using Fitbit. Is Fitbit a quality gadget? Read this Fitbit review to know the answer.

To start with this Fitbit review, let's first define what Fitbit is. Fitbit tracker is a fitness aid that measures a person's movements in three dimensions with the use of accelerometer. It tracks the physical activity, calories burned, distance traveled, steps taken, and sleep quality of a person. This gadget makes its owner aware of his/her daily activities and promotes a more active lifestyle that helps him/her to become healthier.

To continue with this Fitbit review, let's see what makes Fitbit different from the others. According to its users, one thing that makes Fitbit unique is its ability to measure the quality of sleep a person has. It monitors the total number of hours of sleep a person has, every movement the person did and the number of times he/she woke up. This data is being analyzed and will be used in generating the report. The report is then uploaded in the website of Fitbit. Sounds amazing, right?

And of course, this Fitbit review will not be complete without the pros of cons of this gadget. Aside from measuring a person's overall activity which, Fitbit also offers great online tools trends, calorie counter, and the charts of the results of the measurements. Its size is also great since it is very small. It has a wristband that makes wearable when the person is sleeping. Fitbit tracker also has a high quality of costumer support, which answers all the queries of the people who are using this gadget. It is also advantageous for people with android phones as it has free FitbitMini application for these types of phones. Fitbit also has a built in Bluetooth that automatically sync in to the port station when the person is 15 feet away from it. When it comes to the cons of Fitbit, this gadget has limited foods in the food catalog so users should enter them manually. Also, there is no application available for iPhones. And lastly, it requires a payment to upgrade the gadget.

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